Thursday, September 8, 2022

2022 Sale Thank You

Once again, our buyers supported us immensely with the purchase of 9 steers at our Labour Day Sale.

Thank you to Myron MacQuarrie, Kyle Younker, Ian Drake (2), Daniel Naddy (2), Andrew Potts, James Worth, and Ryan Boswall for their purchases. 

We look forward to seeing how these steers develop over the winter.

Thanks to our crew for helping out before, after, and during the sale. Thanks to Karrie Boswall, Ryan Boswall, Liam Boswall, Caleb Boswall, Anna Bowers, and Stephen Mutch.

Our next calf crop for our 15th annual sale will start arriving shortly. Calves will be sired by Eye Candy, Fu Man Chu, Here I Am,  Huff n Puff, I-80, In God We Trust, No Worries, Pericles, Unstoppable, and Who Made Who. Maternal sires include Bismarck, Daddy's Money, Eye Candy, Final Answer, Huff n Puff, I-80, Insight and Monopoly.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

2021 Sale Thank You

On behalf of everyone at Duncan Livestock we want to send out a big thanks to our sale crew for your help on sale day and leading up to the sale.

Thank you to our buyers Ronnie and Logan Ford, Colby MacQuarrie & Dereck Sanderson, Kyle Younker, Daniel Naddy, Earl Cail, Spencer Hambly, and Austin & Ian Drake.

Thanks to Karrie Boswall, Caleb Boswall, Grant Boswall, Liam Boswall, Ryan Boswall, and Blair Campbell for preparing the sale cattle both on sale day and leading up to the sale. That first day of halter breaking is always a tough one, but gets easier every day after that.

At our 13th annual sale, we continue to see buyers and bidders return year after year which ultimately leads to the success of this sale. 

Mark Saturday, September 3, 2022 on your calendar for our 14th annual sale with calves potentially sired by Eye Candy,  Here I Am, I-80, In God We Trust, No Worries, Thriller, Unstoppable, Walks Alone and Who Made Who.

Karl & Irene Duncan
Kurt, Jenn, Kinley, and Karly Duncan