Thursday, March 15, 2018

PEI Easter Beef Customer Show Results

Congratulations to all exhibitors at this year's PEI Easter Beef Show.

Here are the results of the steers and heifers purchased at our 2017 sale.

Champion Angus steer, sired by Unstoppable, (Dam, Duncan's 41Z), purchased & exhibited by Myron, Colby, and Ben MacQuarrie. Sold as tag # 9 in our 2017 sale.

Champion Simmental steer, sired by Monopoly, (Dam, JEM Bride 46M), purchased & exhibited by Irwin Jay & Sean MacBeth. Sold as tag # 41 in our 2017 sale.

Champion Maine Anjou steer, sired by Unstoppable, (Dam, Duncan's 15T), purchased & exhibited by Irwin Jay. Sold as tag # 8 in our 2017 sale.

Champion Limousin steer, sired by Believe in Me, (Dam, Duncan's 00X), purchased & exhibited by Austin & Ian Drake. Sold as tag # 7 in our 2017 sale.

Reserve Champion Angus steer, sired by Walks Alone, (Dam, KJDF Yvette 17Y), purchased & exhibited by Don & Mike Godfrey. Sold as tag # 43 in our 2017 sale.

Reserve Champion Maine Anjou steer, sired by I-80, (Dam, Duncan's 65Y), purchased by B & D Cattle Co., exhibited by Corey Ford.  Sold as tag 13 in our 2017 sale.

2nd place open heifer, sired by I-80, (Dam, Duncan's 41Y), purchased & exhibited by Don & Mike Godfrey. Sold as tag # 10 in our 2017 sale.

3rd place open heifer, sired by I-80, (Dam, Duncan's 2X), purchased & exhibited by Derek Weeks & Julie Mutch. Sold as tag # 14 in our 2017 sale.

2nd place 4H Maine Anjou steer, sired by I-80 (Dam, Duncan's 47B), purchased & exhibited by Sawyer Acorn. Sold as tag # 15 in our 2017 sale.

2nd place 4H Hereford steer, sired by Walk This Way (Dam, Duncan's 16T), purchased by Wheatley River Farm, exhibited by Logan Ford.

4th place open Angus steer, sired by PVF Insight 0129 (JEM Miss Lark 23T), purchased & exhibited by Austin & Ian Drake. Sold as tag # 46 in our 2017 sale.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Calving Update

Here are some of the genetic combinations of steers and heifers we will have available this September.  All calves are black unless otherwise noted.

Unstoppable X Angus-cross
Walk This Way X Angus (Sitz Tradition)
Unstoppable X Limousin-Angus
Eye Candy X Gigolo Joe
Monopoly Money X Angus-cross (Solid red in colour)
Eye Candy x Angus/Maine/Hereford
Highliner x Angus /Limousin
Fu Man Chu X Angus (Bismarck)
I-80 X Eye Candy
Smokin' Joe X Eye Candy
Fu Man Chu X Angus (Nichol's Extra)
Walk This Way X Limousin/Angus/Hereford (Solid red in colour)
I-80 X Eye Candy
Daddy's Money X Eye Candy (Black & white brockle face)

I-80 X Eye Candy
I-80 X Monopoly
Monopoly Money X Angus (Bismarck)
I-80 X Boardwalk
I-80 X Eye Candy
Believe in Me X Angus (Rainmaker)
I-80 X Sin City
I-80 X Monopoly
Ohio Senator X Angus (Final Answer)
I-80 X Who Made Who (Black & white brockle face)
I-80 X Monopoly

Motive X Bismarck bull
Motive X Bismarck heifer
Resource X Sitz Tradition heifer
Resource X PVF New Horizon heifer
Motive X Insight heifer

Friday, September 8, 2017


We are using Boviglo at birth and weaning on all calves. We also use Boviglo on calves that seem a little off or scoured. On baby calves we use 3-5 ml per day for 2 to 3 days. With weaned calves we used 5-7 ml when the calves were processed for 6 months and over vaccinations. Contact your local CRI Canada representative to purchase Boviglo or Eberglo (for horses).
Prices 1 Quart $64.00 1 Gallon $204.00 5 Gallon Pail $936.00                                   
Feeding Calves Boviglo

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sale Wrap Up

On behalf of everyone at Duncan Livestock we want to send out a big thanks to our sale crew for your help on sale day and leading up to the sale.

Thanks to Blair Campbell, David Ford, and Jennie Mutch for preparing the sale cattle.

Thanks to Grant, Caleb, Ryan, and Liam Boswall for helping with the set up and tear down.

Thanks to Dixie Vickerson, Heather Dixon, and Reta Campbell for helping with the meal.

We would also like to recognize everyone involved with the PEI Easter Beef Show & Sale.  The exhibitors, buyers, and all involved had another great show & sale in 2017.

Once again at our 9th annual sale, we continue to see buyers, bidders, and observers return year after year which ultimately leads to the success of this sale. This was one of our largest crowds we have had despite the cold & wet weather. 

Mark Saturday, September 1, 2018 on your calendar for our 10th annual sale.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

2017 Sale Results

Tag NumberTag ColourSexSireBuyerSelling Price
10YellowHeiferI-80Freylawny Farm$1,850.00
14YellowHeiferI-80DJ Farms$2,050.00
7YellowSteerBelieve In MeSeal River Angus$2,300.00
8YellowSteerUnstoppableIFJ Farms$3,500.00
41GreenSteerMonopolyIFJ Farms$2,600.00
9YellowSteerUnstoppableMiltonvale Angus$2,650.00
43GreenSteerWalks Alone Freylawny Farm$2,250.00
45GreenSteerInsightDid not sellFor Sale
46GreenSteerInsightSeal River Angus$1,900.00
13YellowSteerI-80B&D Cattle Co.$2,650.00
16GreenSteerI-80Miltonvale Angus$2,800.00
15YellowSteerI-80Sawyer Acorn$1,950.00
17YellowSteerWalk This WayWheatley River Farm$1,800.00

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sale Calves Are Weaned

The following calves will be for sale on Saturday, September 2nd.

Tag NumberTag ColourSexSireBirthdateDamDam's Breeding
7YellowSteerBelieve In Me9/22/201600XGigolo Joe X Angus/Limousin
8YellowSteerUnstoppable10/4/201615TLimousin X Angus
41GreenSteerMonopoly10/8/201646MPurebred Angus (Stockman)
9YellowSteerUnstoppable10/11/201641ZAngus-cross (Grid Topper)
10YellowHeiferI-8010/21/201641YEye Candy X Angus
43GreenSteerWalks Alone 10/31/201617YPurebred Angus (Net Worth)
45GreenSteerInsight11/20/201649ZPurebred Angus (Final Answer)
46GreenSteerInsight11/25/201623TPurebred Angus (Tradition)
13YellowSteerI-8012/3/201665YBoardwalk X Angus
14YellowHeiferI-8012/4/20162XWho Made Who X Angus/Maine
15YellowSteerI-8012/9/201647BEye Candy X Angus/Maine
16GreenSteerI-8012/9/201647AMonopoly X Angus
17YellowSteerWalk This Way1/1/201716T Limousin X Angus/Maine