Sunday, September 1, 2013

Walks Alone Steer Sells on September 7th-Tag 45

Tag # 45 (green)                                               
Date of Birth: November 18/12
Sire:       Walks Alone
Dam:     KJDF Snowstorm 81S (Purebred Angus, R F Rainmaker 7C58 X Harprey Allegra 30H)
September 1/13 weight: 772 lbs                                                                
Starting Price:    $1000
81S produced the 1st place 4H Angus steer in 2011 for Dylan Sanderson, the steer was purchased in 2010 by the Sanderson family.  81S is a full sister to the dam of the 2012 Grand Champion of the PEI Easter Beef Show.  81S is bred back to Walks Alone for an October calf.

Walks Alone Steer Sells on September 7th-Tag 80

Tag # 80 (yellow)                                             
Date of Birth: November 23/12
Sire:       Walks Alone
Dam:     Duncan’s 176N (Angus-cross)
September/13 weight: 727 lbs                                                   
Starting Price:    $1000
The only red steer in the sale and this is 176’s first sale calf.  176N is bred to Ohio Senator for a December calf.

Eye Candy Heifer Sells on September 7th-Tag 51

Tag # 51 (green)                                               
Date of Birth: January 28/13
Sire:       Eye Candy
Dam:     KJDF Xtra Classy 83X (Purebred Angus, PVF New Horizon 001 X JEM Classy Lady 23L)
September 1 /13 weight: 620 lbs                                               
Starting Price:    $1100
First club calf sired calf for the 3 year old 83X.  If you are looking for a show heifer, here she is.  83X is bred back to Eye Candy for a January calf.

Eye Candy Steer Sells on September 7th-Tag 44

Tag # 44 (green)                                               
Date of Birth: November 12/12
Sire:       Eye Candy
Dam:     JEM Miss Lark 25T (Purebred Angus, Sitz Tradition RLS 02 X JEM Giant Lady 19G)
September 1/13  weight: 756 lbs                                              
Starting Price:    $1000
44 comes from the 25T female that was the Champion Angus Heifer Calf in both the open Angus show and Futurity at Old Home Week in 2007 for JEM Farms.  25T also produced the Reserve Champion Limousin Steer at the 2011 PEI Easter Beef Show for Patti Douglas, the steer was purchased in our 2010 sale by Irwin Jay.  Austin & Ian Drake purchased a full brother to 44 in 2012 and placed second in the open Angus class at the 2013 PEI Easter Beef Show.  25T is bred back to Eye Candy for a October calf.

Highliner Heifer Sells on September 7th-Tag 43

Tag # 43 (green)                                               
Date of Birth:  November 4/12
Sire:       Highliner
Dam:     KJDF Ransom 2R (Purebred Angus, DMM First Dynasty X JEM Miss Lark 32L)
September 1/13 weight: 800 lbs                                                                
Starting Price:    $1200
Full brother placed 2nd in the 4H Limousin class at the 2012 Easter Beef Show, the steer was purchased by the Sanderson family and shown by Jaclyn Sanderson.  A maternal brother was bought by Glenn Jay at the 2011 sale and finished second in the 4H Angus class at the Easter Beef Show.  Ransom was the 2005 Champion Heifer Calf at the Old Home Week Angus show.  2R is bred to Eye Candy  for a November calf.

Monopoly Heifer Sells on September 7th-Tag 47

Tag # 47 (green)                                               
Date of Birth: January 1/13
Sire:       Monopoly
Dam:     Glen Islay Maggie 19P (Purebred Angus, Glen Islay Battle Cry 27L X Lady Tee of Mardon 009X)
September 1/13 weight: 674 lbs                                                               
Starting Price:    $1100
We sold a maternal brother by S A V Net Worth 4200 for $3200 at the Maritime Beef Test Station in 2011.  Other purebred maternal sisters have been purchased by Bree Curry and Scott Dixon.  This is Maggie’s first club calf sired calf.  19P is bred to Unstoppable for a November calf.

Sale Weights

Cow Calf IDTag ColourSireSexDate of BirthSeptember 1 Weight
100K77YellowEye CandyMale11/8/2012754
25T44GreenEye CandyMale11/12/2012756
81S45GreenWalks AloneMale11/18/2012772
11T79YellowEye CandyMale11/21/2012802
176N80YellowWalks AloneMale11/23/2012727
2T82YellowMercedes BenzFemale12/2/2012673
46M46GreenEye CandyMale12/25/2012650
1T85YellowMercedes BenzMale1/11/2013627
83X51GreenEye CandyFemale1/28/2013620

Eye Candy Steer Sells on September 7th-Tag 77

Tag # 77 (yellow)                                             
Date of Birth: November 8/12
Sire:       Eye Candy
Dam:     Duncan’s 100K (Angus X Angus/Maine/Simmental)
September 1/13 weight: 754 lbs                                                                
Starting Price:    $1000
Full sister has been retained for breeding.  100K is bred back to Eye Candy for a November calf.