Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2010 Sale Results

 For anyone wondering about our 2010 sale results, click here.

You can also check out where the steers and heifers we sold placed at the 2011 PEI Easter Beef Show & Sale by clicking here.

Yellow Tag 99 Heifer Video

Yellow tag # 99X, heifer, Alias X 176N (Angus/Limousin) born on December 8, 2010.  Maternal sister was the 2010 high selling heifer at our sale.  99X placed third in the yearling heifer class at Old Home Week in Charlottetown.  Dam is bred to Boardwalk for a November calf.  September 27th weight, 685 lbs.  Starting price, $900.

Green Tag # 9 Steer Video

Green tag # 9X, steer, KJDF Tombstone 77T X 100E (Angus/Maine-Anjou/Simmental) born on November 20, 2010.  Maternal sister sold to Hilda Colodey at the 2010 sale.  Dam is bred to Mercedes Benz for a December calf. September 27th weight, 785 lbs.  Starting price, $900.