Saturday, September 7, 2013

Thank You to Our Sale Crew

On behalf of everyone at Duncan Livestock we want to send out a big thanks to our sale crew for your help today and leading up to the sale.

Thanks to Blair Campbell, Jennie Mutch, and Stephen Mutch for working on the cattle.

Thanks to Grant, Karrie, Caleb, and Liam Boswall for helping with the set up and tear down.

Thanks to Dixie Vickerson for helping with the meal.

We are looking forward to our 6th annual sale in September, 2014.  Calving begins in mid October with calves to come by Boardwalk, Eye Candy, Mercedes Benz, Monopoly, Ohio Senator, Thriller, Unstoppable, and Walks Alone.

We also have Boardwalk and Eye Candy sired females that were bred with sexed male semen from Connealy Right Answer 746 semen.

5 purebred Angus females were also bred with sexed female semen by Connealy Right Answer 746 and S A V Bismarck 5682.

Sale Results

Cow Calf IDSireSexDate of BirthSold toSelling Price
Rose75MonopolyFemale10/28/2012Randy Sanderson1200
32L42MonopolyMale10/30/2012Ian & Austin Drake1400
Princess76HighlinerMale11/4/2012Sterling Jay1400
2R43HighlinerFemale11/4/2012Ian & Austin Drake1250
100K77Eye CandyMale11/8/2012Randy Sanderson1700
25T44Eye CandyMale11/12/2012Randy Sanderson1700
81S45Walks AloneMale11/18/2012Irwin Jay2100
11T79Eye CandyMale11/21/2012Randy Sanderson2200
176N80Walks AloneMale11/23/2012Ronnie Ford1450
2T82Mercedes BenzFemale12/2/2012Wade Loane1100
77S83HighlinerMale12/12/2012Nicole Booth1500
46M46Eye CandyMale12/25/2012Glenn Jay1800