Saturday, October 13, 2012

Semen Available for Pickup in Nappan on October 20th

The following semen will be available for pick up at the Maritime Beef Test Station in Nappan, Nova Scotia on Saturday, October 20th.  This is sale day for the Angus, Hereford, and Shorthorn Associations. Contact Kurt to reserve any of these or to check on quantities available.  Email:, 902-569-5907 (home) or 902-393-3032 (cell).

Black Angus
BC Lookout 7024 $30 (bull is deceased)
BC Eagle Eye 110-7 $35
Conneally Thunder $30
Kesslers Front Range $35
P V F All Payday 729 $20
S A V Final Answer 0035 $50
S A V Net Worth 4200 $40
S A V Net Worth 4200 (sexed female) $50
S A V Pioneer 7301 $40
S A V Providence 6922 $30
Whitestone Black Arrow Z101 $35
Red Angus
Red Six Mile Sakic $35
Red 6 Mile Full Throttle $35
SVY Pilgrim PLD $35
Mr NLC Upgrade $45
RC Club King 040R $35
Remington Red Label HR $25
TNT Gunner N208 $35
Club Calf
DCC Hard Drive 138R $33 (bull is deceased, August 30/12)
The Unsub $33

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