Thursday, January 13, 2011

Calving Report

Monopoly is pictured above.

All of our AI calves are just about finished arriving with a few remaining. Alias, Eye Candy, Gigolo Joe, Highliner, and Who Made Who are the sires of our club calves. Krone Royal 1140 and SAV Net Worth 4200 have sired the purebred calves.

Cows are starting to come back in heat and we're looking to start breeding in early February. On the club calf side, we are planning on using Ali, Boardwalk, Eye Candy, Gigolo Joe, Highliner, Mercedes Benz, Monopoly, and Who Made Who. Purebred Angus sires to be used are SAV Bismarck 5682, SAV Final Answer 0035, and SAV Net Worth 4200.