Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mercedes Benz Confirmed Pregnancies

 We have 3 confirmed Mercedes Benz pregnancies for this December.  Benz is bred to one of our oldest cows, 100E, she is an Angus X Limousin cross and with a steer at her side that will be available in this year's sale.  Our Princess cow will also have a Benz calf, she is the dam of the "Valentine" steer and currently has the Tyson heifer calf that was featured on the Lautner Farms blog in May.  We plan on showing the Tyson heifer at Charlottetown in August.  The final cow bred to Mercedes Benz is 2T, she is an All About You 4 year old out of the 100E cow.  Mercedes Benz is available from Genex Canada for $35 per straw, contact Kurt Duncan for Maritime Beef Sales.