Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Live Broadcast of Old Home Week Beef Shows

Duncan Livestock will be attempting to provide a live broadcast of all beef shows being held at Old Home Week in Charlottetown. Barring any technical glitches, we hope to make it a success. It won't be as high quality as Cattle in Motion or MLC TV, but we'll do our best.

We will also attempt to do the same thing for our September 15th sale.

We hope to have the show programs uploaded before Friday's show begins.

For Facebook/Twitter users, there will be a Facebook/Twitter chat section for comments and questions.  Questions and comments may also be emailed to

To access the shows, visit our Livestream Page at the top of our blog.

Here is the show schedule.

Friday, August 17th
8:30 am ADT (7:30 am EDT)
Open Angus show, followed by open Shorthorn, and Commercial/Any Other Breed

Saturday, August 18th
8:30 am ADT (7:30 am EDT)
Open Hereford show, followed by open Simmental, and the Genex Supreme Champion Class.
10:30 am ADT Angus Futurity