Sunday, October 14, 2012

CRI Calf Coats Available on Saturday

I have 2 CRI Calf Coats that will be available for pickup at the Maritime Beef Test Station on Saturday, October 20th.  I currently have a small (blue) and large (brown).  I can bring more in if there are more orders.  They are also available in extra large (purple).  All 3 sizes are priced the same at $48.00 CDN plus GST or HST each.  We have used these coats on calves that come on cold nights to help retain heat.  Here is a link for more information,

They make great Christmas gifts for those calving this winter.

Contact Kurt if you are interested.

You can also contact your local Genex representative to order.

Here is a Mutch Farms Simmental calf from last winter in a large sized CRI Calf Coat.