Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's Been a Heifer of a January

Here's how our calving has gone so far by sire in alphabetical order.  This is also a preview of our September 14th sale offering.

Boardwalk: 1 heifer.

Eye Candy: 6 bulls, 2 heifers.

Flex: 1 bull, 1 heifer.

Highliner: 2 bulls, 1 heifer.

Mercedes Benz: 1 bull, 1 heifer.

Monopoly: 1 bull, 4 heifers.

Tombstone: 1 heifer.

Walks Alone: 2 bulls, 1 heifer.

Breeding is now under way with Boardwalk, Eye Candy, Monopoly, Thriller, Unstoppable, and Walks Alone in use so far.