Sunday, September 1, 2013

Monopoly Heifer Sells on September 7th-Tag 47

Tag # 47 (green)                                               
Date of Birth: January 1/13
Sire:       Monopoly
Dam:     Glen Islay Maggie 19P (Purebred Angus, Glen Islay Battle Cry 27L X Lady Tee of Mardon 009X)
September 1/13 weight: 674 lbs                                                               
Starting Price:    $1100
We sold a maternal brother by S A V Net Worth 4200 for $3200 at the Maritime Beef Test Station in 2011.  Other purebred maternal sisters have been purchased by Bree Curry and Scott Dixon.  This is Maggie’s first club calf sired calf.  19P is bred to Unstoppable for a November calf.