Monday, September 1, 2014

September 13th Sale Information

At this time, we have 14 steers and 2 heifers that will be part of our 6th Annual Sale on Saturday, September 13th.  Sale cattle will be in their outdoor pens (weather permitting) at 1:00 pm.  First calf declared for the bid off will be at 2:00 pm and the bid off will begin at 2:05 pm.

As of right now, weights will be posted on all calves by Monday, September 8th.  We expect the weight range to be between 600 and 900 lbs with most calves being over 700 lbs.

There will also be a pen of steers and heifers that will available for sale via private treaty.

Here is a look at what we will be offering for sale.

Tag #Tag ColourSexSireDamBirthdate
73GreenSteerEye Candy2R11/1/2013
74GreenSteerWalks Alone 81S 11/4/2013
31YellowSteerEye Candy 77S 11/4/2013
33YellowSteerEye CandyRose11/8/2013
34YellowSteerEye Candy9N11/12/2013
35YellowHeiferEye Candy100K11/28/2013
37YellowHeiferWalks Alone Princess12/7/2013
50GreenSteerConnealy Right Answer65Y-Boardwalk12/8/2013
51GreenSteerConnealy Right Answer42Y-Eye Candy12/10/2013
39YellowSteerEye Candy00X-Gigolo Joe12/16/2013
52GreenSteerWalks Alone 1R12/18/2013
58GreenSteerEye Candy83X-PVF New Horizon 0011/28/2014
45YellowSteerOhio Senator 12U-Ali2/18/2014