Saturday, October 25, 2014

Full Results Autumn Classic Shorthorn Sale

15 lots sold averaging $2,323
5 Heifer calves averaged $2,120
4 Yearling heifers averaged $2,125
4 Mature cows averaged $2,200
2 Cow/calf pairs averaged $3,475

Lot # Name of Sale EntryConsigned bySelling Price $Buyer
1Green Grove Pretty Jazzy 10BGreen Grove Shorthorns - Philip and Patty Burgess$3,100Mid Way Farms -Andy Carter and Susan Collins
2Twin Maple Go Julianne 5BTwin Maple Shorthorns -Jim and Lynn Poole$2,050Alexander(Allie) MacLean
3Twin Maple Go Julianne 9BTwin Maple Shorthorns -Jim and Lynn Poole$1,700Dan Thompson
4Twin Maple Go Licky 14BTwin Maple Shorthorns -Jim and Lynn Poole$2,000Fred Porter
5Twin Maple Go Dottie 16BTwin Maple Shorthorns -Jim and Lynn Poole$1,750Belinda Gray
6Green Grove Kara 31AGreen Grove Shorthorns - Philip and Patty Burgess$1,950Kevin Smith
7Workman's Rainy Lady 1AWorkman's Shorthorn$1,800Edgar Lavoie
8Nic Nat Angle 12ANic Nat Shorthorn Farms $2,250Richard Feeney
9Nic Nat Allison 19ANic Nat Shorthorn Farms $2,500Harold and Mark Oulton
11Workman's Sweet Honey 5xWorkman's Shorthorns$2,450David and Linda Locke
12Twin Maple Peppermint's Touch 26XTwin Maple Shorthorns -Jim and Lynn Poole$2,550David and Linda Locke
13Workman's Sasha Lee 6WWorkman's Shorthorns$3,400Scott Dixon
14Twin Maple G Pumpkin 5WTwin Maple Shorthorns -Jim and Lynn Poole$2,250David and Linda Locke
15Workman's Red Robin 10SWorkman's Shorthorns$3,550Scott Dixon
16Majestic Supermodel 8SWorkman's Shorthorns$1,550Matthew Sharpe