Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Calving Update

Here are some of the genetic combinations of steers and heifers we will have available this September.  All calves are black unless otherwise noted.

Unstoppable X Angus-cross
Walk This Way X Angus (Sitz Tradition)
Unstoppable X Limousin-Angus
Eye Candy X Gigolo Joe
Monopoly Money X Angus-cross (Solid red in colour)
Eye Candy x Angus/Maine/Hereford
Highliner x Angus /Limousin
Fu Man Chu X Angus (Bismarck)
I-80 X Eye Candy
Smokin' Joe X Eye Candy
Fu Man Chu X Angus (Nichol's Extra)
Walk This Way X Limousin/Angus/Hereford (Solid red in colour)
I-80 X Eye Candy
Daddy's Money X Eye Candy (Black & white brockle face)

I-80 X Eye Candy
I-80 X Monopoly
Monopoly Money X Angus (Bismarck)
I-80 X Boardwalk
I-80 X Eye Candy
Believe in Me X Angus (Rainmaker)
I-80 X Sin City
I-80 X Monopoly
Ohio Senator X Angus (Final Answer)
I-80 X Who Made Who (Black & white brockle face)
I-80 X Monopoly

Motive X Bismarck bull
Motive X Bismarck heifer
Resource X Sitz Tradition heifer
Resource X PVF New Horizon heifer
Motive X Insight heifer