Wednesday, March 27, 2019

2019 Sale Prospects

Look for our Labour Day weekend sale in September.  Here's a preview of our steers and heifers that will be available.

Tag 59, Fu Man Chu X KJDF 45Z (Bismarck)
Tag 61, Loaded For Bear X KJDF 83X (New Horizon)
Tag 66, Monopoly Money X KJDF 89C (Angus)
Tag 67, I-80 X KJDF 50E (American Classic X New Horizon)
Tag 69, Dakota Gold X Duncan's 42Y (Eye Candy X Angus)
Tag 72, I-80 X Duncan's 77S (Limousin X Angus)
Tag 76, I-80 X Duncan's 47A (Monopoly X Angus)
Tag 77, I-80 X Duncan's 40Y (Monopoly X Angus)
Tag 80, I-80 X Duncan's 51A (Eye Candy X Angus)
Tag 82, Unstoppable X Duncan's 15T (Limousin X Angus)
Tag 83, I-80 X Duncan's 48A (Monopoly X Angus)

Tag 62, Fu Man Chu X KJDF 81S (R F Rainmaker 7C58)
Tag 70, Smokin' Joe X Duncan's 71Y (Eye Candy X Limousin/Angus)
Tag 71, I-80 X Duncan's 65Y (Boardwalk X Angus)
Tag 73, Unstoppable X Duncan's 00X (Gigolo Joe X Angus)
Tag 74, Unstoppable X Duncan's 41Z (Angus)
Tag 75, Pericles X Duncan's 38A (Eye Candy X Angus)
Tag 79, Monopoly Money X Duncan's 2X (Who Made Who X Angus/Maine/Hereford)